I've spent thousands on courses and trainings, many which are no longer relevant.

You dream of making money online and becoming a successful entrepreneur so you can take care of your family.

  • You Stay up late and consume as much knowledge as you can
  • You join free groups and eventually join a course and graduate with a certificate
  • You realize you don't have a plan or clients so you get stuck

Than you blame yourself, and feel like you've failed. Because these course creators tell you if you can't make money using what you learned, it's your fault.

But the truth is, it's not your fault.

Courses keep you busy but don't give you tactical tools.

You have this flame burning inside of you, you are capable of amazing things.

We are here to show you how you too can prosper using tools we've created to help you cross that threshold.

Welcome to Treeline.

All the hard shit happens above the Treeline

As you strive to reach your summit, you will feel resistance, you will have distractions, and possibly even loose support from those closest to you.

This is the part of your journey where you must stay connected to your why. Practice self care daily, create processes so you can scale, and continue to publish, overdeliver and the most important of all...value your time. 

Are you ready to acquire new opportunities and have the freedom you've always wanted?

Follow me for the next 30 days as I share with you how I went from pregnant and broke to building a 6 figure Virtual Assistant business from my laptop without any experience.


In 2011, my daughter was born, and everything changed for us. We were broke, my husband was a bartender and I refused to leave my daughter in the care of anyone else. Several side hustles later, I started a Resume Business to help other people obtain opportunities.

Then my Moment came, a Realtor saw my online marketing, and hired me to help grow her business. Everything accelerated for me as I learned everything I could about marketing, real estate processes, and how to serve my agents so they could better serve their clients.

Hundreds of Agents later, 2 Large Teams, and a Brokerage of 280 Agents... something pivotal happened... my skills, knowledge, and expertise... presented a unique opportunity to create an army of Women all over the world who Craved the same opportunities I wanted 9 years ago. 

Realtor // Brand Strategist // Leverage