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Realtor // Business Coach

In 2011, my daughter was born, and everything changed for us. We were broke, my husband was a bartender and I refused to leave my daughter in the care of anyone else. Several side hustles later, I started a Resume Business to help other people obtain opportunities.

Then my Moment came, a Realtor saw my online marketing, and hired me to help grow her business. Everything accelerated for me as I learned everything I could about marketing, real estate processes, and how to serve my agents so they could better serve their clients.

Hundreds of Agents later, 2 Large Teams, and a Brokerage of 280 Agents... something pivotal happened... my skills, knowledge, and expertise... presented a unique opportunity to create an army of Women all over the world who Craved the same opportunities I wanted 9 years ago.  

I help Realtors Present like the expert with gorgeous digital curb appeal to attract more buyer and seller clients!

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