Agent Launch

Your Guide to "Putting it all together" like a Pro!

Fast Track the learning curve and Build a Real Estate Business you LOVE, so you can hit the ground running

serving clients and closing deals. 

The Realtors Step-by-step play book to Building a Real Estate Business you Love!

This comprehensive workbook was created by a girl who started out JUST LIKE YOU, tired, overwhelmed, missing out on moments with my family. Thrown in sink or swim, I was left confused and exhausted trying to figure it all out

When I graduated Real Estate School, I was blown away that they did not teach Business Foundations... 

This is a huge issue, as a Professional setting up your business the right way up front is one of the best investments you can make!

The things they don't teach you in school...

  • LLC & S-CORP
  • CRM

I felt compelled to create an easy to follow Business Blueprint so I could help more Realtors!

Whether you are Brand New to Real Estate, a Seasoned Agent or a Brokerage looking to support your agents in a more profound way, you are in the right place!

  1. 1
    Brand New to Real Estate... This guide is your secret to skipping the struggle bus line and hopping in to the Business Owner Success club! This is the EXACT process we have used hundreds of times to help agents launch their business,  ignore shiny objects along the way and stick to our blueprint for business set up success!
  2. 2
    Seasoned Agents...Ready to grow, but hit some stagnancy on how much business you can take on? This guide is here to help you fill in the holes, create a stronger business presence, save money on Taxes, dial in your social media and so much more!
  3. 3
    Own a Brokerage...Use this Guide as part of your value proposition in recruiting! Your agents have been begging you for business help, save yourself time, give them this guide and teach your agents to be self solvers and master their business!

Renee Victoria - Realtor®

As a Realtor and owner of a design company, I am a huge believer in taking full ownership of your business and content. After years of trial and error and mass-producing content for our clients, we created the blueprint that will help you launch your business the correct way!

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Go from pretender to contender with our easy to follow blueprint!

The Realtors Step-by-step play book to Building a Real Estate Business you Love!