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Renee Victoria

Realtor + Brand Development 

I have spent the last 7 years helping hundreds of Realtors fast track the learning curve, establish business processes, and present like the expert so they can serve and scale with confidence!

I created the on boarding process for a local brokerage and effectively on boarded over 80 producing agents in five months.

I had an opportunity during every virtual meeting to coach them through the entire transition process, uncover holes in their business, and create and project manage their rebrand plan and advertising strategy.

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Let's face it, in this hot market we don't have the luxury of catching up, we have to hit the ground running! Real Estate is a lot of work, but I created the products below to give you the edge you need to fast track the learning curve and outperform the competition in your market area!

A-Z Launch Guide

Fast Track the learning curve and Build a Real Estate Business you LOVE!

Marketing Toolkit

Stand out with gorgeous cohesive Branding: Prebuilt customizable templates.

Real Estate Processes

New to Real Estate? Perform like a pro with our bird's eye view of Real Estate

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