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The #1 thing standing in the way of Real Estate professionals dominating in their market, is their online presentation, lets make it an incredible first impression! 

Within 3 Seconds, your buyers and sellers decide 

if they like you or not.

Even before your clients choose YOU, they scour the internet, talk to friends, join all the local Facebook Groups, and ask everyone all the Questions. This Virtual Drive-By strategy used by millions is essential includes scanning Google, Zillow, Instagram and Facebook for reviews and PRESENCE. 

What will your clients see online when they search your name?


Elevate your online presentation with a show stopping brand to positively impact your market area!

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Hey, I'm Renee

Realtor and Real Estate Brand Specialist.

I have spent the last 7 years helping hundreds of Realtors, Teams, Builders, and brokerages develop turn key Business Brands and design assets.

I recently created the onboarding and Transition process for a local brokerage and effectively on boarded over 80 producing agents in five months.

Every virtual meeting was spent coaching Realtors through the entire Brokerage transition process, building them back up after being over promised and under delivered to, uncovering holes in their business and marketing plan, and creating or revamp their current Brands.

My clients have entrusted me with creating the professional presentation they DREAM about so they can feel confident creating more relationships, landing more deals and building their business.